I am tall - 6'2" - dark hair brown eyes and slight wispy beard - but that is mostly through having a blunt blade. I have a slight limp from an early teens fight and a small scar on my left upper arm caused when a scythe I was using, slipped and nearly killed me.

I am now 26 years old and I and my family lived in Norfolk, in a small rural community called Lammas near Norwich. Nearly four years ago, now, I had left our cottage early on a frosty Monday morning to prepare a field for the winter. My mother was at home baking, tending my then 7 year old sister Rachel and generally looking after the home. My father, with my 15 year old brother, David, was working on our smallholding. During the morning, unbeknown to me, a band of robbers came through the village, saw their opportunities, and attacked my family. My parents were bludgeoned to death for the sake of a pittance - we had very little money - and they took my brother and sister away.

I have never seen them since. As I could not continue to live in our cottage – I stayed awhile with our priest - I prepared myself to leave our village - and after several months travelling on foot, I arrived in Winchester in July 1454. I took over a small cottage on the Alresford Road and I was happy to be more settled. Restlessness settled in, however, and I was pained constantly by the knowledge that my siblings were somewhere I knew not where. I have tried to find them and during one wandering I had word of two children that somewhat matched my family.

After almost a year in Winchester I wandered aimlessly for a while and finally rested in Ludlow. After much heartache and searching I fear, now, they may no longer in England.

During my short life I have experienced grief beyond imagination and it is my resolve to do the right by every citizen that I have the honour to meet. If you know me, then that is the impression that I hope to leave with you; if you don't know me yet, then I hope we will meet sometime and that I can serve you, as I have been served by all the kindly people that have crossed my path.


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