A casino is a tavern whose owner offers a poker game, specifically Texas Hold 'em, which can be played by the level 1 and above patrons of the tavern. Unless a player purchases Extra Games via tokens, they are limited to 20 games a day. These games are played for in-game money and each tavern owner sets the minimum amount for bets (which can be 10 - 20 pounds). In addition each tavern owner sets the percentage of the bets (between 1% and 8.9%) which are kept by the owner.

Converting a Tavern into a CasinoEdit

Any tavern with the exception of the Town Hall taverns can be converted into a casino with the addition of two things: a card game and 50 pounds (to purchase a game table).

To purchase a card game, you can either ask the Mayor of your town if he/she has a set (each town received 5 sets), you can buy one from someone who has one, or you can purchase one from an NPC merchant which travels around. The price of a card game is around $50 from the town and can be more from other sources. When you have purchased the card game, put it in your tavern.

Next, you should purhcase a game table which will cost 50 pounds. Your tavern will be a casino after the game table is purchased.

Advantages of a CasinoEdit

  • Casinos can provide a much more interactive environment for your patrons and should keep your tavern much busier.
  • Casino owners can receive between 1% and 8.9% of the bets placed (the percentage is set by the casino owner).
  • Increased patronage can increase the sales of food and beverages.

Disadvantages of a CasinoEdit

  • Weekly taxes will increase from 20 pounds to 40.
  • If patrons lose a lot of money, they may not be inclined to return.
  • Patrons may be more focused on gaming than talk and the environment of the tavern may suffer.
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