Renaissance Kingdoms
—  Town  —
Coat of arms
Motto: (none)
Country England
County Sussex
Resource Lake
Province Province of Canterbury
Diocese Diocese of Southwark
Established unknown
 - Mayor Reno
 - Mentor Selene
Population (8 March 1458)
 - Town 135

Canterbury is a fishing town near the English Channel, and one of the oldest towns on Renaissance Kingdoms. It is in Sussex. The Town was destroyed in the Great Merge, and the population was moved to Lewes, Sussex

Town Symbols[]

These were implemented May 2, 1455.

  • Town song: Way to Canterbury by Saava
  • Town animal: white horse
  • Town dance: Maypole dance
  • Town rock: gold
  • Town beverage: wine
  • Town food: smoked fish
  • Father of Canterbury: Madmaxhammer
  • Mother of Canterbury: Selene

The Town Council is planning a competition to implement a town motto.


Canterbury currently (as of March 1458 ) has 3 taverns.

  • The Chauntecleer's Perche - Town Hall Tavern; bartender is Elliejune
  • Lucky's- Owned by Maggiemoomoo; bartender is Maggiemoomoo
  • The Naughty Nurse- Owned by Mr_Beef; bartender is Misshoney

Naming of the Perche[]

The Chauntecleer's Perche, popularly known as the Perche, was previously known as Capone's Pub and Diner. The name was changed in early 1456 as it was decided that it was unsuitable to have the town hall's tavern named after a convicted criminal (Anto Capone). A fundraising competition and vote to change the name again - with suggestions including the previous name, Capone's - led to its current name being kept.

The town map[]

The town map and street listing can be found here

Past mayors[]

  • Madmaxhammer
  • R4ven
  • Selene
  • Ang
  • Mr_Beef
  • Kinetica
  • Staleno
  • Jerricho
  • Misshoney: June 1457 - August 1457
  • Frantz
  • Mysti: Unknown - March 1458
  • Nahren: 7 March 1458 to 5 April 1458
  • Reno: 6 April 1458 to ---