Callikoneko, started playing February 06, 2009 (the year 1457 in RK time). She resides in Lanark, Glasgow county, Kingdom of Scotland. She is unclanned and betrothed to Sywardus.

  • Level 1
  • Fields: Corn and Wheat
  • Current Titles: Mayoress of Lanark (June 1457)
  • Past Titles: Lanark Chief Mentor

Background StoryEdit

I have been traveling Scotland for as long as I can remember.... which sadly isn't very far back. I woke up one day a few years back in a field, and couldn't remember anything other than my first name, Callista. I have since come across Lanark, and finding friendly people, willing to trust me, when I could not even trust myself due to my lack of memory, I decided to stay. However, I hope to some day find out more about my past.

While staying in Lanark, I met a girl named Jaidion, who it turns out, seems to be my sister, though I still don't remember everything about her. After living in Lanark for a few weeks, I saved up enough to get a corn field, and have a trio of cats that run around my property. I'm building a house, and have become rather smitten with a very nice and handsome man named Sywardus, who has asked to court me. I fell in love with him, and upon his proposal, accepted. I can't wait until our wedding!

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