Cúige Chonnacht
—  Contae of Cúige Chonnacht   —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Capital Galway (unincorporated)
Country Ireland
Count Achilles_
Towns An Gort, Baile Átha Luain, Baile Locha Riach, Galway (uninc.)
Province Province of Tuam
Dioceses Kilmacduagh, Roscommon
Colonised 21 April 1457
Official language English
Chonnacht Map

A map of Cúige Chonnacht

History Edit

Cúige Chonnacht (also known as Chonnacht, Connacht, or Connachta) was the third county created in Ireland. It opened its doors to immigrants on 21 April, 1457. Initially it consisted of three towns; An Gort a forest town, Baile Locha Riach, a lake town and Baile Átha Luain, a lake town. Galway, the future site of the Capital of Cúige Chonnacht, is unincorporated and yet unbuilt.

Location Edit

Cúige Chonnacht is located in central-western Ireland, to the north of An Mumhain county. Cúige Chonnacht was unique for some time its geographic location in that it was the only county in Ireland to have just one road in and out. Although this remains true, since late 1460 a road connecting Baile Átha Luain to a natural port a day's walk to the southeast connects Cúige Chonnacht to Port Làirge via river. Nevertheless, An Gort remains the gateway to Cúige Chonnacht and its primary hub, and so maintains a strong military presence.

People Edit

Cúige Chonnacht attracted many players tired of the conflict between An Mumhain and Laighean counties. With old players and new players alike, Cúige Chonnacht has a decidedly tolerant and independent attitude and is protective of its good fortune.

Government Edit

Counts/Countesses of Cúige Chonnacht (in order of service):

  1. Jenibelle (first duly-elected Countess - stepped down midterm)
  2. Fae (took over as Countess midterm, replacing Jenibelle)
  3. Bcgirl (second duly-elected Countess - aka Bella - served full term)
  4. Bcgirl (third duly-elected Countess - aka Bella - served full term)
  5. Bcgirl (fourth duly-elected Countess - aka Bella - served full term)
  6. Michellebegg (fifth duly-elected Countess)
  7. Romanos (sixth duly-elected Count)
  8. Romanos (seventh duly-elected Count)
  9. Onlygirl (Eighth duly-elected Countess - aka Hannah)
  10. Achilles_ (Ninth duly-elected Count)
  11. Tadhg_an_tSleibhe (Tenth duly-elected Duke)

Towns in Cúige ChonnachtEdit