The Butcher's Guide is a post in the Renaissance Kingdoms Forums. It gives general information about the butcher trade.

General remarks.Edit

The trade of butcher.Edit

  1. It's necessary to buy half-hundredweights of pig or hundredweights of cow from the market and place them in your property inventory.
  2. The butcher cuts up the carcasses (HW or HHW) into meat pieces ready to be consumed or sold.

Prices & profits.Edit

• The average prices of hundredweights of cow and half-hundredweights of pig of pig are 33.00 £ and 16.50 £. • Though free to choose the price, the price of the meat must respect a certain degree of honesty so consumer and producer can both benefit. Aim your prices so you get a daily activity wage of 23.00 £, this would mean a piece of meat can be sold at 18.80 £.

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The Butcher's Guide

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