—  Capital of Devon  —
Coat of arms
Motto: Virtue Et Industria
Country Kingdom of England
County Devon (capital)
Resource Forest
Province Province of Canterbury
Diocese Diocese of Clifton
Established October 1455 (2007)
 - Mayor Kleophas
 - Mentor Mairead
Population (1460)
 - Capital Town 121

Bristol is the capital city of Devon, Kingdom of England. It is known for being a very quiet hamlet, but often a friendly local or a traveler can be found in the tavern. During times of War, Bristol is a prime hangout for soldiers marching to or coming back from battle as well, as the detachments of soldiers usually sent to protect the Capital.

Location Edit


Map of the Region Around Bristol

Bristol is located in west-central Devon, with roads leading north to Gloucester, southwest to Bridgewater, and east to Bath.

Bristol sees a lot of traffic from travelers and traders passing through town to other destinations, due to it's central postion in the western side of Devon

This forest capital of Devon benefits greatly from its location between the orchard town of Bridgewater and the fishing port of Gloucester. However, it is heavily reliant on traders to bring needed goods for its citizens' consumption.

Resources Edit

Bristol is a wood town. It shares access to two gold mines, located on the roads to Bath and Gloucester.



Map of the Town of Bristol



  • The Rising Sun - Owned by the Town Hall, bartender is FateofDreams.
  • The Cat and The Fiddle - Owned by Mairead, bartender is Lily.mcclaren.
  • The Weaver's Shop - Owned and tended by Penny12.
  • Culbone Infirmary - Owned and tended by Treena.

Shops & Workshops



  • Kleophas-present
  • Merlyna 2 terms
  • Kleophas-3 terms


  • Mairead
  • Kleophas

Priests Edit

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