—  Grand-Duché de Bretagne   —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Capital Rennes
Country Kingdom of France
Grand-Duc (unknown)
Towns Brest, Fougères, Nantes, Rennes, Rieux, Rohan, Saint-Brieuc, Saint Pol de Léon, Tréguier, Vannes
Province [[Province of {{{province}}}]]
Dioceses Nantes, Rennes
Established (unknown)
Official language Breton, French

Le Grand-Duché de Bretagne (in English, the Grand Duchy of Brittany) is an independent Grand Duchy which seceded from the Kingdom of France. It is located on the shoreline and borders France on it's mainland border and then across the sea England and Ireland.

The Grand Duchy plays its part amidst powerplays in the region by staying close to the Kingdom of England without submitting to it and while maintaining its own independence from both the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of France.

Locations Edit

Since the language of Breton is recognised by the authorities, each town has a name in Breton as well - this is provided below.

Secession Edit

The Grand Duchy of Brittany was originally a major county within the domains of the Kingdom of France, having a slightly unique culture being it was on the coast also in close proximity to England and Ireland. Thus, besides French being a dominant language, the local dialect of Breton was also at large. These cultural differences and geographic differences eventually led the county to contemplate independence.

Brittany thus, as a Grand Duchy, chose the path of sovereignty and declared independence seceeding from the Kingdom of France. The King of France disliked this notion and sent his vast armies and resources to bring Brittany back into the fold. The Kingdom of England remained neutral throughout this conflict, but as a matter of interests in the area, supported Brittany with supplies and assistance at times.

Through prolonged aid from the English and the sheer willpower and might of Breton forces, the Royal French Army could not reinstitutionalize the lands of Brittany under French rule. This leads to Brittany's current situation, as an independent and sovereign Grand Duchy closely related to the Kingdom of France and in friendly communication with the Kingdom of England yet independent and sovereign of both.

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