—  Duché de Bourgogne   —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Capital Dijon
Country Kingdom of France
Duc (Duke) unknown
Towns Autun, Chalon, Cosne, Dijon, Joinville, Mâcon, Nevers, Sémur, Tonnerre
Province [[Province of {{{province}}}]]
Dioceses Autun, Lyon, Nevers
Established (unknown)
Official language French

Le Duché de Bourgogne (in English, the Duchy of Bourgogne) is a county in the east of the Kingdom of France. The territory of Joinville and the gold mine to its north is an exclave of the duchy, and an enclave within Champagne - it is only accessible via a road from Dijon, which passes through Langres in Champagne.

Towns in the Duchy Edit

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