Booty Ardencaple

Maiden Voyage of the BootyEdit


A map of the Booty's maiden voyage.

Departed Cill Chaoi, Ireland January 11th, 1458.


Arrived Ardencaple, Scotland January 26th, 1458.


  • During this maiden voyage of the NNGO fleet's flagship, the first map of the northwestern and northern coasts of Ireland was created from the Booty's logs, detailing safe passage from western Ireland to Scotland.
  • Many experiments were conducted during the Booty's maiden voyage that will help improve the NNGO's seafaring operations.
  • The Booty arrived in Ardencaple, Scotland January 26th, 1458. Because there was no port constructed there at the time (aka a natural port), a "forced docking" was required. However, the Booty sustained only minimal damage and docked successfully.

Booking Information Edit

  • The Booty is scheduled to make regular ferry runs between Ireland and Scotland. Those interested in booking passage should contact Captain Anto Capone.
  • Future seafaring activities from Ireland to Scotland will require a level 2 port to be built in one or more of the towns along the western coast of Scotland. It is impractical for ships arriving from (and departing to) Ireland to spend an extra week sailing around the northern tip of Scotland to dock on the eastern coast.
  • Furthermore, forced docking at unbuilt (natural) ports damages ships, requiring repairs each time ships dock in a natural port.
  • Construction of ports along the western coast of Scotland could potentially be a huge economic benefit to counties that invest in upgrading their ports to a level 2 status.
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