Sir Bogomir, Lord of the Isles

Sir Bogomir, Lord of the Isles

His LifeEdit

Bogomir, a wanderer and a warrior, has settled down in the town of Salisbury. He will not speak about his past, no one really knows why. When asked about his life before he came to Salisbury, he gets a empty looks in his eyes and turns to silence.

Now, all settled in Salisbury, he lives among people proven to be real friends. Maybe one day he will be able to open the locked chest of his past, but when and where and to whom is hard to say...

Scars from battles and a hard life in general, he might at first sight appear as something of a thug, but once you get to know him he is a generous and loyal friend who will stick to what he believes in and defend it and those who matters to him, no matter what.

  • Knight Batchelor of the Wiltshire Army
  • Student at the Wiltshire university - Army Way
  • Blacksmith by trade
  • Wheat and veggie-farmer

Future Edit

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