A profession available to players Level 2 and above. Blacksmiths take iron ore and wood and convert them to usable items such as knives, swords, axes, shields, buckets, steel and axes.

Blacksmiths can also sharpen axes that are dulled in forest towns.


  • The blacksmith is a job for level two players
  • The black smith needs wood and iron to make objects
  • Remember to contact youre mayor to know if the town needs any more blacksmiths


  • D = working day
  • W = Wood
  • I = Iron
  • S = Steel

  • Knife: 1D,1I,2W
  • Bucket: 1D,1I,2W, 3 Unhooped buckets (made by carpenter)
  • Ounce of steel: 1D,1I,2W
  • Blunted axe: 3D,1S,2W,1 Shaft (made by carpenter)
  • Sharpened axe: 4D,1S,2W,1 Shaft (made by carpenter)
  • Plowshare: 1D,1I,1W Not coded
  • Hoe: 1D,3W,0W,1 Plowshare Not coded

Making a sword

  • Day one: Ounce of steel: 1D, 1I, 2W
  • Day two: Non-forged blade: 1D, 1S, 1W,1 Ounce of steel
  • Day three: Sword blade: 1D, 0S, 1W,1 Non-forged blade
  • Day four: Ounce of steel: 1D, 1I, 2W
  • Day five: Blunt sword: 1D, 1S, 0W,1 Ounce of steel
  • Day six: Sword: 1D, 0S, 0W,1 Blunt sword
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