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Country England
County Mercia
Purpose Village in Mercia. (Node)

Birmingham was an orchard town located in southern Stafford, England, notable for being the site of the Battle of Birmingham. Its location is particularly relished by Traders and travelers, due to its main road north and for its lush countryside.

It is now a Village in central Mercia, after being downgraded due to nation-wide population problems.

Civic Buildings Edit

  • Town Hall- The Town Hall is where much of the activity for each individual town takes place. The mayor from their office within the town hall can buy and sell goods on the market, sell goods to the county and a variety of other activities. Also at the Town Hall, is where members of the community can find the Mayor's Message, Job listings, Fields for sale, and the speeches of anyone running for mayor at election time.
  • Civic Hall - The civic hall is where community events take place within in the forum. Known has Birmingham hall
  • Church - The church is the local house of worship in a town. A church may be lead by a priest. Churches may conduct periodic services of Mass. The in game time is displayed on the church screen. You can pray, beg and go into retreat. which allows the character to distance themselves from the responsibilities of the in game world. It is typically used by players needing to spend extended time away from the game. While in retreat, a character is fed and accommodated. Work at the church is an option, in which you spend your day working for the church. In exchange, you get a reputation point and 5 pounds. Also donate to the church is an option, in which you give to the beggars. In exchange, you might get a reputation point (1 in 4 chance). (Donating currently has a bug preventing the church recieving the donation please do not use)
  • Birmingham Book Store - Book store that stocks books for reference and reading pleasure, RK related ONLY.

History of BrumEdit

The Battle of Birmingham which took place on 4th November 1455 (2007, real life year), just outside the town of Birmingham Stafford, between forces of the NNGO on one side and a grouping of militias and armies loyal to the Crown. The Crown's forces were victorious, and many of the NNGO were seriously wounded.

Past Mayors of BirminghamEdit

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