Ben de Feniks. A free citizen of Lanark, Glasgow s/he is a trader, plying the route of Lanark-Glasgow-Ardencaple, dealing mainly in foodstuff.

Currently a retainer of Chief LordMatthew of Clan MacAulay. With them, he have learn a lot in matters of economics although his main mentor is Barerose. Successfully elected to be the mayor of Glasgow-Lanark for 5 times (the fifth term lasted for 5 day due to the capture of Glasgow-Lanark by the fretts) and have oversee the transformation of the the once small town into a vibrant economic center of Glasgow County.Sees the work of the Fury in Glasgow will open a new era of prosperity in Scotland, with Northern European trade in Stirling and Ireland in Ardencaple.

Sometimes, s/he can be seen in the tavern as Bennette (twin-sister/alter-ego). Was noticed to be an exceedingly beautiful women, breaking the heart and eye of some englishmen and a frenchmen.S/He also a GIA (Glasgow Inteligence Agency) genderswap agent, though which gender is real is still being speculated in some circle.

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