Renaissance Kingdoms
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Country Kingdom of England
County Westmorland
Purpose Village in Westmorland (Node)

Beeston was founded in May of 1455 along with Holywell to form the County Palatine of Chester. Beeston is surrounded by the City of Chester to west, Manchester to the north, and the City of Stafford to the south. Beeston is known for its forestry and iron mine, as well as its steady supply of bread and strong market.

It is now a node in south Westmorland.

Beeston has had four mayors:

  • Degas (2 terms)
  • Amarth (2 terms)
  • CecilyWolfe (1 term)
  • MackenzieGael (10 terms)
  • Pegars (1 term)
  • Floramay (partial term)
  • George (partial term)
  • Stlayne (1 term, current mayor)

Beeston has not weathered as many battles as Chester City, its neighbor to the west. However, in October of 1455 outside the city gates, Nox Noctis Gentis Obscurum treacherously attacked Degas, who was still in formation stage of creating an army to defend Chester.

There have been no successful revolts on Beeston Town Hall. The Parish of Beeston is under the administration of the Diocese of Chester (Province of Canterbury), which is managed by Bishop Dainsleif. Currently there is no parish priest in Beeston.

The title of Miss Chester County is currently held by Lelafirebird, a resident of Beeston.