Beer is a drink that can only be purchased and/or consumed in taverns and is one of the few limitless items within the game system. It is not technically a food because it does not relieve hunger points. It is one of the few methods with can improve mood.

Too much consumption can also make a player drunk, which can keep a player from being able to accept a job, eat, put on clothes or perform other actions. If a player already has a job no level of drunkenness will effect the retention or completion of that job.

By default a player automatically accepts beer when in the tavern. To prevent 'accidental' drunkenness it is wise to monitor the amount of beer being offered in the tavern. To confirm a player's sobriety typing /bourse into the chat line of the tavern interface will indicate your drunkenness level and is displayed in the bottom right corner of chat room window. If this displays a level of drunkenness of tipsy or greater; a player can check the mug icon in the tavern or type /pasalcool into the chat line. This will disable the automatic acceptance of drinks.

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