Beckiboo11, lady of Ayr is a level 2 player character from Ayr in Ayr. She is the current mentor for the town of Ayr, raises Pigs and is a Butcher.

Role Play descriptionEdit

I am a proud member of clan Montgomery. Growing up in this fine clan was interesting to say the least.

Ariani and I have always had a good me, behind all the teasing it is all good. I got good at dodging flying objects as she tried to teach me manners in the same way she taught HIghgarden, and I helped her with her fighting skills.

Our father was a great believer in having his daughters know how to fight and defend themselves.

When I got older my father took us to visit an important family where I met my husband- Gavin McKnight, an honorable man. We "bumped" into each other in a garden on top of a hill and fell in love straight away.

Thankfully both families approved and we were married. Within a year we had our boy- named in honor of that garden on high where we first met (Highgarden- get it??).

Unfortunately he got killed when a maurauding band of villains ambushed a royal train and he tried to intervene.

He was honored with the title of lord after his death for his bravery, as such I became a lady and my son became a lord. I was devastated, thankfully my family was there to support me through the difficult time.

Later on, I was honored to have the opportunity to foster Tomz, who is turning out to be a wonderful person.

I am training both in the ways of fighting, and trusting my sister to teach them manners, in her unique and wonderful way.

Who knows what will happen in the future.

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