—  Chester resident  —
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Nil carborundum
Full title Beatta, wife of Valkyrii, Lady of the Lupins
Place of Residence (unknown), Chester, County Palatine of Chester
Affiliations Tasty Taters Vegetable Guild, Da Vinci Institute
In-game name Beatta
Account created April 2nd 1456
Forum name Beatta

Beatta is a resident of Chester.

History Edit

  • Beatta arrived in Canterbury at the end of a long, harrowing journey South from Chellyngton near Bedford. She was underfunded on the trip and arrived in a state of embarrassment - ragged and poor. She worked at the church, in the mines and for the good folks of Canterbury and saved enough for a real cottage and veggie patch, and valuable lupins.
  • Found fruit under my bed, and then a brown paper bag with a big yellow M on it...

May 1456

  • There was a nasty incident with a boat - best forgotten!
  • I found two ears of corn and £5, a piece of wood and a fish.
  • Moved into 23 Stour Street with my black cat, Claude - very nice place.
  • Member of the Tasty Taters Vegetable Guild.
  • Misunderstanding about bartending at the Jester's Mask.
  • Travelled for the first time to Sevenoaks - cut wood - no blood.
  • Nice to be home in Canterbury!

June 1456

  • Found bread on my table and £5 under a stone (twice), a small ladder, 2 pieces of wood, and meat under my pillow.
  • Won a loaf of bread in the Treasure Hunt!
  • Engaged to be married to Valkyrii.

July 1456

  • Bought a second field - Wheat
  • Mug Pit installed in back yard.
  • Found £10 under 2 rocks.
  • Beatta's Bakery & Swap Shoppe opened.
  • Another trip to Sevenoaks - trouble getting back. Again, nice to be home.

August 1456

  • Found another small ladder and 2 pieces of wood.
  • Valkyrii moved in at Stour Street.
  • Tried boat ownership once more - very successfully!
  • Discovered that a headscarf is a man's item of clothing (?).

September 1456

October 1456

November 1456

  • Moved to Chester - Baker and Vegetable farmer at 66 Duke Street.
  • Chester Town Mentor

December 1456 - Found two free pieces of wood; and £5 under a stone, twice! - Almost widowed in an outbuilding event. Nice save by Morgayne the blacksmith.

January 1457

  • A free small ladder and Rep pt
  • Bartender at the Merchant's Jig briefly.
  • Became a defensive machine due to a fabulous shield from Colin104 - Chester's Master Shield maker.
  • Took up sheep farming.

February 1457

  • Found £5 under another stone! also an oar (?)
  • Feb 25th - Level 3 - State Way

March 1457

  • Chester County Councillor (Sherrif)
  • Got a free large ladder, and an oar.
  • Defended the castle from riots.
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