The Battle of Birmingham, the first full army engagement in the history of England, took place on 4 November, 1455 (2007), just outside the Town of Birmingham in Stafford. The NNGO of Anto Capone and the English armies, led by Earl Marshal Collen of Caen’s 7th Division and Sir Kulles’ Phoenix 1st Division, were involved.

In the weeks preceding the Battle of Birmingham, the NNGO attempted a general rebellion in the north of England which occurred as follows. After joining with the various criminals and bandits, the NNGO raised an army which attempted to kill English leaders loyal to the crown and seize possessions through force and surprise. The NNGO’s methods were treachery, where English military leaders were called to aid various people in need, only to be ambushed by massed NNGO forces. Against overwhelming odds, a handful of knights cut their way out of the NNGO’s trap and returned to England’s heartland to rally the King’s forces. Collen of Caen, England’s First Earl Marshal, leader of the English forces, and General Kulles of the Knights of the Phoenix were among the handful of knights who hacked a path through the enemy trap.

Upon word of the fighting, soldiers and citizens from across England poured into the armies raised by Collen on behalf of the legitimate government so that Collen and Kulles led two of those armies against the NNGO army, with Collen in overall command. The opposing sides met outside the walls of the City of Birmingham and a route ensued where the English armies of Collen and Kulles wrought a great destruction among the NNGO and their brigand allies. The English armies suffered one casualty, where the NNGO forces lost nearly their entire force dead or wounded. After the first round of combat, the NNGO was unable to continue and ceased to exist as a functional army in England. Survivors fled to Scotland, yet fled again when the 7th Division approached with purpose. Later, Collen of Caen joined with allies in Spain to defeat the NNGO on the continent.

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