Battle of Muirkirk, is the name given to a Scottish battle between an army, called " - Fury - ", raised and commanded by Tosher and two Royal Scottish Army regiments, the Ayr Royal Regiment commanded by Kittenn and the First Galloway Regiment commanded by JuliusOctavius. The battle is also known as "Tosher's Fury". The insurrectionist army was routed in Muirkirk on 26 August 1456. In the battle, two members of the loyal armies were killed along with 6 of the insurrectionists, including Tosher, their commander.

Notable CasualtiesEdit

The following individuals lost their lives defending freedom in this battle:

AAP ReportsEdit

Royal Scottish Army wins the Battle of MuirkirkEdit

EDINBURGH (AAP) - The Royal Scottish Army (RSA) today won the Battle of Muirkirk against - Fury - , the renegade army led by Tosher MacGregor. Preliminary reports indicate the RSA suffered two fatalities while at least six were found dead on the renegade side. A few injuries were reported on both sides.

On August 24, the - Fury - army had attacked and captured the town of Muirkirk, killing or injuring three defenders and two travelers.

The RSA armies arrived on August 25, but by then another traveler had been killed.

Battle ensued today before dawn when the - Fury - army tried to escape from Muirkirk under the cover of darkness. The RSA armies raised the alarm and engaged the renegade army. The fighting was fierce, but by sunrise, the RSA had wrested control of the battlefield.

Ten members of the - Fury - army fled the field, leaving behind their dead and injured. However, the renegades still hold the keys to the town hall of Muirkirk.

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Aftermath of the Battle of MuirkirkEdit

EDINBURGH (AAP) - After defeating the - Fury - army at the Battle of Muirkirk yesterday, the Royal Scottish Army (RSA) today completed the two objectives of taking back the town hall of Muirkirk and murdering the fleeing remnants of the - Fury - army.

Citizens of Muirkirk, with the support of the RSA, successfully recaptured the town hall of Muirkirk from the renegades and John Carter Munro was appointed as the new mayor. (actually Tosher resigned.) Meanwhile, the Galloway Regiment of the RSA murdered the remaining renegades, the result of which was the disbanding of the - Fury - army.

After two days of battle, the RSA reported that at least 7 of the 20 members of the - Fury - army were killed while more than two were injured.

While casualties on the RSA side were minimal, two prominent Scots were grievously injured. They are Countess Allora R. Dagon of Ayr and Chief Brother_chris Wallace.

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