The Baker's Guide is a post in the Renaissance Kingdoms Forums. It give general information about the baker trade.

General remarks.Edit

The trade of baker.Edit

  1. It is necessary to buy flour bags from the market.
  2. It is necessary to buy wood bushels from the market.
  3. The flour and wood bushels need to be put into your property inventory.
  4. The baker bakes this flour into bread, ready to be consumed or sold.

Prices and income.Edit

(NB: these figures may have been true at the time of writing: at the present day, treat them as an example of how to do the sums, and check the real average prices!)

  • The average price for flour is £15.40 and for wood bushels it is £4.06
  • Though free to choose the price, the price of the bread must respect a certain degree of honesty so consumer and producer can both benefit. Most of the time a loaf of bread can be sold for £6.45 but check your local prices and in the Kingdom of England prices are usually 2-5 pounds so if you live in England try to get to a port and go to a country with a steadier economy like France and you can sell bread for more then in England the crossing is usually free.
  • Investment to start a full production: 12 bags of flour at £15.40 plus 6 wood bushels at £4.06. Total: £209.16.
  • Income from sale of 36 loaves of bread at £6.45 each. Total £232.20.
  • Daily activity income as a baker: 232.20 £ sales minus £209.16 investments. Total: £23.04 pr. day.

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The Baker's Guide

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