Baker is a profession available to players Level 2 and above. Bakers use wood bushels and flour to make bread.


Maximum production of bread uses 12 bags of flour and 6 wood bushels, yielding 36 loaves of bread.

General remarksEdit

  • The baker is a trade for level 2
  • The baker uses flour to produce bread.
  • Bread is a basic food item and gives 2 hunger points when eaten.
  • Before you make a decision, ask your mayor if there aren’t too many bakers already in your town to avoid overproduction.

The trade of bakerEdit

  1. It's necessary to buy flour bags from the market.
  2. It's necessary to buy wood pieces from the market.
  3. The flour and wood pieces need to be put into your property inventory.
  4. The baker cooks this flour into bread, ready to be consumed or sold.
  • 1 flour bag is used to make 3 loaves of bread.
  • 1 bushel of wood is needed per 2 bags of flour.
  • A baker can bake at most 12 bags of flour which gives him a maximum production of 36 loafs of bread per day.

Prices & profitsEdit

  • The average price for flour is less than £ 14.00 and for wood pieces it is less than £ 4.
  • Though free to choose the price, the price of the bread must respect a certain degree of honesty so consumer and producer can both benefit. Most of the time a loaf of bread can be sold for around £ 5.55.
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