Baile Locha Riach (BLR)
—  City  —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Country Ireland
County Cúige Chonnacht
Resource Lake
Province Province of Tuam
Diocese Diocese of Kilmacduagh
Established 21 April 1457
 - Mayor ngaire
 - Mentor Rayzar
Population (22 April 1460)
 - City 40
Baile Locha Riach

A map of Baile Locha Riach and surrounding towns

Baile Locha Riach (also known as BLR) is a lake town with An Gort to the south and Baile Átha Luain to the north. A road to the west leads to Galway (uninc.), the future site of the Capital of Cúige Chonnacht.

Military Edit

A town of merchants and scholars no standing army has existing in BLR. However BLR was home to Iness who almost once a month would form a rebel army and attempt to seize the town. The town would recruit defenders and an army from An Gort would be dispatched to subdue Iness's army. Iness never took a town and has now left Ireland altogether.

Naval Edit

BLR finished its lvl 2 port upgrade on March 1st 1458.

Government Edit

It is noted for the fact that its first two mayors were both eradicated from the game before the end of their terms.

These two mayors were Malasorte and Brownnose24.

Its third mayor, Valefor, was put in by an unsanctioned revolt, and has admitted to looting the town hall on several occasions.

After Valefor was mayor for a time, a sanctioned revolt took place with his consent, placing Maxheadroom into the mayor office with a severely depleted treasury.

Maxheadroom began his term by restoring prosperity to the town, but soon began to wander about claiming he was accursed with madness just as his predecessors.

Max was followed in office by Cavaleiro_deserdado, Debz, and Cripps who seem to have survived their mayorships but struggle with an ever decreasing town population as people mysteriously vanish into the night. Some say they have been taken by the ghosts of Malasorte and Brownnose24. Others by some mysterious beast known as the Koalulishieear.

Rayzar then served 2 terms followed by Exeter16.

Then Dracula_ was elected, tried to impose some laws on the market. He received hate mail and resigned. He only lasted a few days. A revolt to secure the empty town hall was successful and Neleh became mayor.

Kojiorphen became mayor in elections after Nel


BRL February 1458

So the list of mayors is:



Valefor (unelected)

Maxheadroom ( 2 terms )




Rayzar ( 2 terms )



Neleh (unelected)



Zarly's Beach House (Rayzar)

New Arrivals Port of Call Tavern

Le harem l'amour (Darrellmeaney)

The Soap on a Rope (Valefor)

Sexy, Naughty, B****y (Onlygirl)

Heartless (Tweak)

The Full House (Cripps)