Baile Átha Luain (BAL)
—  City  —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Country Ireland
County Cúige Chonnacht
Resource Lake
Province Province of Tuam
Diocese Diocese of Roscommon
Established 21 April 1457
 - Mayor Tadhg_an_tsleibhe
 - Mentor Aelgarsha
Population (11 January 1461)
 - City 73
Baile Átha Luain

A map of Baile Átha Luain and surrounding towns

Baile Átha Luain (also known as BAL and anglacized as Athlone) is a lake town two days walk northeast of Baile Locha Riach.There is a natural port to the southwest one days walk which now connects the Barrow river leading to southern Ireland.

Baile Átha Luain is home to the largest fishing port on the river Shannon and is capable of accommodating up to four ships at a time complete with its own small shipyard and local barge. It is a part of the county of Cúige Chonnacht and enjoys the interest of a large and active group of citizens.

Always on the lookout for new people and events, the town went through a very large population boom late in 1460 numbering over 70 citizens, but still retained its small-town sense of community. An active parish priest was started in January 1461 when the Ancient Aristotelian Church took over as the recognized religion of Ireland and was able to hold consistent Mass.

Again the town decreased in size over the winter, then in March 1461 the population surged with over 40 citizens with the upgrading of a naval shipyard. They added professional traders and a large local stable to accomodate the community as well as a second priest. The burgeoning village is currently attracting large numbers of traders and former personages who have come back to settle into this quaint and relaxed place.

As of September 1461 Baile Atha Luain is the 4th largest town in Ireland.