Renaissance Kingdoms

An axe is a dual use item (as of August 1457), usable either as an instrument for cutting wood in the forest or as a personal weapon. It is crafted by blacksmiths from a staff and iron ore, and can be bought and sold through the market.

When worn as a weapon, the axe grants +2 FC.


An axe begins with 10 Durability points and deteriorates by one point each time it is used for woodcutting. Upon full deterioration to 0 Durability, it must be sharpened by a blacksmith before being used again.

Borrowing an axe[]

In towns with a forest, the Town Hall generally supplies a limited number of axes for locals to borrow. If a woodcutter clicks on a tree in the forest without an axe equipped, they will automatically borrow an axe from the pool, so long as one is available. A woodcutter who borrows their axe from the Town Hall has one bushel of wood automatically diverted from their daily haul, as payment to the town hall for use of the axe, in order to subsidize the cost of the axe's upkeep. Because this fee can cut into the profitability of woodcutting, especially for low-strength characters for whom a bushel may represent up to a third of their daily haul, many individuals avoid paying this rental fee by purchasing an axe from the market for themselves. This also ensures that they always have an axe available, even when the Town Hall's axes are all loaned out.