Averroism follows the teachings of Abdul Walid Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Rushd or Averroes, an Arabian Scientist and Philosopher in the 13th century, and his interpretations of Aristotle and his reconciliation of Aristotelianism with the Islamic faith. Besides Averroes, the main philosophers involved in the movement were Siger of Brabant and Boetius of Dacia.

The main ideas of the earlier philosophical concept of Averroism — found in Averroës' commentaries to Aristotle — were:

  • there is one truth, but there are (at least) two ways to reach it: through philosophy and through religion;
  • the world is eternal;
  • the soul is divided into two parts: one individual, and one divine;
  • the individual soul is not eternal;
  • all humans at the basic level share one and the same divine soul (an idea known as monopsychism);
  • resurrection of the dead is not possible (this was put forth by Boëtius);

Renaissance Kingdoms Averroism Edit

In Renaissance Kingdoms there's two main branches of the Averroism; Spanish/Turkish Branch and English Branch. The English Branch adheres to the real life teaching of Averroes. However, the Spanish/Turkish branch appears to more like real life Islam than real life Averroism. Is possible to join the Spanish/Turkish movement in this site. It is lead by a sultan but he accept all people that want to join.