Averell Gebrant Macaulay
—   Glasgow  —
Averell Gebrant Macaulay
Coat of arms
Personal motto: What once seemed black and white. Turns to so many shades of gray...
Full title Owner of Gebrant's Whisky Distillery
Place of Residence (unknown), , Glasgow
Affiliations Clan Macaulay
In-game name Averell
Account created (unknown)
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Averell (current info and journal)

Averell Gebrant is a member of the MacAulay clan and the founder of Gebrant's Whisky Distillery, one of the largest distributors of Scotch whisky through Europe.


One rainy night at the tavern after some hard work, you find Averell, a sturdy guy who usually keeps to himself. After a few bottles of whisky you start talking about the past, and even though you notice the disgust Averell tries to hide, he begins telling his story... "My fathers came from the fishingtown called Whithorn, over tha' in Galloway. One day a ship docked in the harbour and on board it was my becomming mother, Susannah Gebrant of whom I've ben given my name. Unfortunately, my mother died only a few days after I was born..." "Bartender, I'll have another one of these, thank you."... "Well, When I was old enough my Father sat me on a ship as a deckhand that would go to Ireland.", he says. "Haha, why would anyone want to go there?", you ask raising your glass. "I'm afraid times have changed. Now even though the seamen would get me drunk and laugh at me I somehow liked the sea". Averell takes a sip at his whisky. "Well, you see, I met alot of good friends on that ship, and when we arrived in Ireland I never got off the boat. I didn't even knew my so called 'relatives' that should take care of me nor did I want them to. I simply just kept following the boat till I was back in Whithorn. Ofcourse my father was mad at me for not doing as I was told but I showed him the little fortune I had made while staying on the boat and with that money we could afford to move up north, to Lanark, Glasgow county.." You notice Averell finishing his drink and raising up from his chair. "Anyway, the rest is just a sad story. You probably wouldn't like it anyway"... Before you even get a chance to say something he has left a pouch of coins to the barkeeper and is out in the rain...


=== Journal of Averell Gebrant Macaulay ===

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