Name: Arynna Winston-Ooms

  • Bishop of Llanelwy (St. Asaph)
  • Priestess of Dartmouth

Daughter of Sir Urshak, though a loyal daughter, she could not be more different from her father. Jah, bless his soul!
Arynna grew up in the fishing town of Southampton, Wiltshire. However, she only lived there for a short time before moving with her father to the colony of Dartmouth when it was first founded.
The first few days in Dartmouth were hard, especially when her own personal supply of food had given out. Fortunately, Arynna was able to apply her skill as a fisherman to keep herself wellfed and healthy. Once life had settled down in Dartmouth, Arynna felt the calling of the Church. She became the first female priest (priestess?) of the Aristotlian Church of England. Arynna assisted Father Wheeler in editing the first English Translation of the Book of Virtues. She served the Parish of Dartmouth for over a year as priestess.
After having served Dartmouth for many months, Arynna felt she would be able to better serve the people by traveling as a missionary to spread the word of Jah. 2 days into her first trip as a missionary, Arynna was approached by the Church fathers and asked to take up role of a Bishop in the northern county of Chester.
Arynna travelled for approximately 2 weeks, with several kind englishmen traveling with her as guards along the way. She live happily in Holywell for many months before she was murdered by persons unknown.
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