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Coat of arms
Motto: The Gateway of Sussex
Country England
County Sussex
Resource Wood
Province Province of Southwark
Diocese Diocese of Brighton
Established (unknown)
 - Mayor Martinus_quintus
 - Mentor Kali
Population (6 May 1465)
 - Town 74

All land traffic into and out of Sussex must pass through the vibrant town of Arundel, Sussex. The town - also known as "The Gateway to Sussex" - tends to be very active, especially in the taverns.

Location Edit

Arundel is the nearest town to the western border shared by the County of Wiltshire, Kingdom of England. Winchester, Wiltshire lies to the west of Arundel just over the border, while Lewes lies to the east of town.

Resources Edit

Arundel is a wood town. It shares an iron mine with it's neighbour to the east, Lewes.



  • Arundel High Hall - Arundel's Official Inn. This is where we invite our guests to stay during the duration of their visit in Arundel. Aptly called "the guests' home in Arundel" where there are rooms with wonderful views of the River Arun and the Arundel Castle. The Inn is also famous for its complementary breakfast served to the guests.
  • Tour Around Arundel - the Official tour of the town. Here, we give everyone a view of the sites and specific tourist attractions of Arundel, from the River Arun, to the Arundel Castle, to the fountain and much more.
  • Arundel Guest Book - pecurlarly placed in the middle of the town where guests can sign in write a note as they visit Arundel.


  • West Sussex Gazette: Arundel's official newspaper released every month starting April, 1458. The WSG is mainly run by the Arundel Town Council
  • Church of Arundel: Lady_sam is the parish priest.
  • The shrine of St Thomas Becket


Shops & WorkshopsEdit

  • Tressa's Tasty Treats - run by Tressa
  • Ragnar's 'Hot Stuff' Smithy - run by Ragnardour
  • Micjo's Mill - run by Micjo

Past Mayors Edit

  • Tristiana: March 28, 1456 to December 20, 1458.
  • Clyppie : December 20, 1458 to February 23, 1459.
  • Sultanjt : March 3, 1459 to April 2, 1459.
  • Deema : April 2, 1459 to May 2, 1459.
  • Molly_rose : May 2, 1459 to June 1, 1459.
  • Xeinozu : June 2, 1459 to present.
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