Arthur Loxley Tudor
—  Coventry resident  —
Arthur Loxley Tudor
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Earl of Newcastle-under-Lyme
Place of Residence (unknown), Coventry, Stafford
Affiliations College of Heraldry, Stafford Guard, Royal English Navy, Blood Oath Brotherhood, House of Lords, English National Law Library,
In-game name Arthur_Loxley
Account created April 4, 2007
Forum name Arthur_Loxley

Arthur Loxley Tudor is a resident of Coventry, Stafford, Kingdom of England.

  • He married Lynna Hohenzollern von Liechtenstein, also of Coventry, in a magnificent ceremony in January 1457.
  • Father to William and Travis Theodore.
  • Current Head of Household for the Royal Family of Tudor.
  • Owner and Captain of Escándalo.

History Edit

He was given away at a young age to his mother's (Isolde) brother to be educated and trained as Knight and civic minded individual. His uncle contracted a disease a few years after Arthur came to live with him, and unfortunately passed away. The Doctor who tried to save him was left with the young boy. Taking pity on the boy, he took him in and sheltered him when no one else would. 'Doc' ate and drank at the local tavern nightly, and never lived at home. The boy got used to the rowdy crowd at the tavern, and the bartender - Greta - did not believe it was a place for a young boy. She would educate him in manners and make sure that his education was always primary to any other activities he wanted to be involved in. He looked at her as a mother.

Doc and Arthur lived together for years, taking care of each other. Arthur always wondered about his family but there was never anything left from the days when he lived with his Uncle. One spring season, Doc fell ill. He was intended to die, but he survived. He later gave Arthur a book with an insignia of his family crest. He informed the young man, at age 20, that he had kept track of his family while raising the boy. He pulled out a journal of all information regarding the boy's family - the Tudors. Doc let him know that his family had an Estate in the county of Stafford in Birmingham town. They were currently living in Plymouth, Cornwall at the time. After helping Doc regain his strength and tend to his profession for two years, Arthur decided to seek out his family. He needed to know more about his family. Unfortunately for him, or so he thought, before he could start his journey to find them, he received a correspondence from a friend, informing him of her illness. Worried for her health, and for the welfare of her son, he traveled to Birmingham, Stafford to seek her out, bringing Doc with him to care for her. Once he arrived in Birmingham, he found out Ada Hanley was being cared for at Coughton Court, the estate of Kyley and Grip Mallett. Arthur and Ada had been flirting quite a bit before this, increasing his concern for her health. He cared deeply for her, and for her son, wanting only what was best for them both. They met in Coventry, Stafford and spent time together there before she fell ill.

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