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Coat of arms
Motto: "Where the Wild Things Are."
Country Kingdom of Scotland
County Glasgow
Resource forest
Province Province of Glasgow
Diocese Diocese of Glasgow
Established 27 March 1456
 - Mayor
 - Mentor
 - Harbour Master
Population (March 1462)
 - Port Town 76
Glasgow Map

A map of Ardencaple in Glasgow County


Completed Level 2 Port of Ardencaple


"Knight Out, drawn by Andimsum, depicting the "Booty" arriving in Ardencaple's port on January 28, 1458.


Ardencaple (aka Arden) is located in the western region of Glasgow County. A road to the southeast connects Ardencaple to the city of Glasgow, the County Capital, two nodes away.

The gold mine, one node away and located at the end of a road leading to the northwest of Ardencaple, is the northernmost node in Scotland.

Ardencaple's northern location on Scotland's western coast, its proximity to Ireland, and its level 4 port make it an ideal location for shipping and trade.


Ardencaple is the second forest town in Glasgow County and hosts the county's sole gold mine. A stone quarry is also available for workers.

Ardencaple has a level 4 port, which offers shipbuilding, ship repairs, and ample space for up to tenships to be docked in its port at one time.


Ardencaple is a thriving port town and is a hub for international travel. There are many longtime residents as well as visitors and newcomers in Arden.

Ardencaple currently hosts many well-seasoned players and this adds to the town's dynamics.

Recent EventsEdit

  • Captain Zeakman and the Nomad arrived on January 29th, 1458.
  • Ardencaple began updating its port to level 3 on May 10th, 1458, completing the work in November 1458.
  • Ardencaple began updating its port to level 4 in December 1458.

Mayors of ArdencapleEdit


Ardencaple TavernsEdit

  • The Axe and Shield - Managed by the Ardencaple Town Hall
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