Renaissance Kingdoms
Aqueron Campbell
—  Loch Garman   —
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Aqueron Campbell
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Ne Obliviscaris
Full title Aqueron Campbell, First Chief of Clan Campbell, First Knight Protector of Scotland, Captain of The Lion's Mane, General of Port Láirge
Place of Residence (unknown), Loch Garman, An Mumhain
Affiliations Clan Campbell
In-game name Aqueron
Account created 25 September, 1454
Forum name Aqueron Aqueron

Player Information[]

Level: 3 Army Way

Reputation Points: 255

Aqueron is a blacksmith.

Aqueron has one wheat and one wheat field.

Basic knowledge of the military : 100 %

Basic tactics : 100 %

Basic strategy : 100 %

Advanced strategy : 100 %

Role Play Description[]

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