Anghel, Duke and King of Wallachia is O.N.E. (Ordo Negrum Equites) Master and Commander.


Wife: Perl., Princess of Styria (S.R.I.N.G.)

Son: Malius , Lord of O.N.E., heir to the Throne of Wallachia.

Brother: Wardenunited, leader of O.N.E. I Semper Et Ubique, Grand Magister.

Brother: Stefan, leader of O.N.E. V Semper Eadem, Magister and Ambassador.

Brother: Lewowar, expeled from O.N.E.

Titles of Anghel:

Duke and King of Wallachia

Duke of Styria - alliance

Commander of O.N.E.


Known for his cruelty and blood thirsty actions, he never broke his word and he is suspected to be a vampire.

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