An Gort
—  Port Town  —
Coat of arms
Motto: "Doing it in the forest since 1457"
Country Ireland
County Cúige Chonnacht
Resource Forest
Province Province of Tuam
Diocese Diocese of Kilmacduagh
Established 21 April 1457
 - Mayor Ahlia
 - Mentor Francesca
 - Harbour Master Anto_capone
Population (22 April 1460)
 - Port Town 120
An Gort Map

A map of An Gort and surrounding towns

An Gort (also known as Gort) is a forest town in the southern region of Cúige Chonnacht county in Ireland

Location Edit

An Gort is a forest town strategically located at the only entrance into Cúige Chonnacht county. This has earned An Gort the unofficial title of "Gateway to Chonnacht

Because of its proximity to An Mumhain, An Gort enjoys heavy traffic and serves as a natural stop along the Cúige Chonnacht/An Mumhain trade corridor.

People Edit

An Gort's people are friendly and often socialize in its many taverns. Many experienced players live in

An Gort hosts travelers from all across Ireland, who come to take advantage of the trading, nightlife, and enjoy Gortian's fabled hospitality.

Nearby towns Edit

The nearest towns are Baile Locha Riach to the northeast and Imleach (Independent town) to the south.[1]

Resources Edit

An Gort is a forest town and trading hub that provides many resources (especially wood) to Cúige Chonnacht and nearby An Mumhain. One of the major benefits of living in An Gort is having the luxury of a fully-stocked market at one's disposal.

Prices may sometimes be high, but Gortians seldom want for much. In the absence of profiteering laws and price caps, An Gort enjoys a pure free market, for better or for worse.

Many wealthy, influential, and longtime players live in An Gort and their presence adds to the town dynamics. In addition, An Gort coordinates its commercial and governing activities closely with the County of Chonnacht, to mutual benefit.

In addition to this, An Gort was the first town in the English speaking world to complete construction on a level 3 port.

Military Edit

As the gateway into Cúige Chonnacht, An Gort maintains a strong military presence, with several armies and many armed retinues and groups on standby at any given moment.

Travelers who are in armed retinues or who have had prior military service in unsanctioned armies are asked to please clear travel arrangements in advance with the Mayor before traveling to or through An Gort, to avoid complications with An Gort armies.

When An Gort was openly threatened by Anto_Capone of the NNGO, Countess Fae sent the DVAS Army from Cúige Chonnacht to give support to An Mumhain troops in Inis in July, 1457.[2]

Government Edit

Mayors of An Gort (in order of service)Edit

  1. Qtchi (1 term - first Mayor of An Gort)
  2. Dee_snider (3 terms)
  3. Jaseph (2 terms)
  4. Michellebegg (3 terms)
  5. Sathar (1 term)
  6. Minyahh (7 terms)
  7. Motherlucka (looted Town Hall & fled)
  8. Minyahh (1 term, total 8 [transition 1])
  9. Nicole_ (1 term [transition 2])
  10. Bekah (2 terms [transition 3])
  11. Devin (1 term [transition 4])
  12. Roxxane (1 Term, 2nd term [transition 5])
  13. Bekah (5 terms [transition 6])
  14. Diarmaid (4 terms [transition 7])

An Gort Town CouncilEdit

Mayor: Ahlia

Chief Mentor: Francesca


An Gort Hall mirrorEdit

Information that may be found in forum1 Forum Index -> Cúige Chonnacht Inn -> An Gort Hall:


Mayor transition detailsEdit

  1. taking over Motherlucka after he fled
  2. completing Minyahh term then elected once
  3. elected on January 22nd 2011, reelected on February 21st 2011
  4. elected on March 23nd 2011
  5. elected on April 22nd 2011
  6. elected on January 22nd 2011, reelected on February 21st 2011
  7. elected February 17th 2012, reelected on March 18th 2012, reelected on April 17th 2012, reelected on May 17th 2012


  1. A road to the northwest leads to Galway (uninc.), the future site of the Capital of Cúige Chonnacht.
  2. Many Gortians participated in this campaign to answer the NNGO's threats, along with other soldiers who came to help from across Ireland.