—  Amnherst Family  —
Coat of arms
Family motto: Unknown
Patriarch Harkaa Amnherst
Important members N/A
Nationality English
Land held Viscounty of Melbourne, Viscounty of St. James, Barony of Castleton, Barony of Folkestone, Barony of Selly Oak, Barony of Leominster
Affiliations none
Blood relations N/A

The Amnherst Family is an English family, started by Aris. Currently, it numbers half a dozen members throughout the british Isles. The current partriach of House Amnherst is Harkaa.

Family members Edit

Members via Marriage

Marriages/Engagements into the family Edit

Amnherst History Edit

The family history starts with 3 siblings: Travis, John, & Catherine.

Travis Amnherst Edit

Story coming soon....

Children of Travis: Edit

John Amnherst Edit

Story coming soon...

Children of John: Edit

Catherine Amnherst Edit

Catherine was born in England.  She moved to Navarre (Spain) to marry Felipe de Navarra.  She lived there for the rest of her life.

Children of Catherine: Edit

  • Isabel de Navarra m. Juan Feliciano de Balboa
    • Daughter: Jane Myxti de Balboa (Born: Juana Myxti de Balboa de Navarra)
    • Son: Juan Nicolao de Balboa de Navarra
    • Daughter: Catalina de Balboa de Navarra
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