An ambassador is an official representative. This can be a representative of a province or country, but also of an organization. Even some religious organizations have an ambassador.

Daily affairs Edit

An ambassador is usually stationed in an embassy in the country of origin. But the embassy can also be in the country where the ambassador is assigned. For example, an English ambassador to the crown who opens an embassy in Italy. An ambassador can negotiate treaties. But usually he gathers information and disseminate it. There may also be asked for information. And the ambassador will look for it. This can be done by going to the relevant area or to go to a foreign ambassador.

The hierarchy in a Embassy/Chancellery is usually like this:

  1. The boss of the represented authority. So for example a king or count.
  2. The chancellor. This is the daily leader of an embassy/Chancellery.
  3. The ambassador

The Chancellor Edit

This is the daily leader of an embassy/Chancellery. He makes sure that everything runs smoothly. He can appoint and dismiss ambassadors. He is usually closer to a King or Count than the ambassador himself. Usually is a King or Count less concerned with a chancellery. Only on important issues they mostly intervene. The current Chancellor for the Crown is Richy Dorchester.

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