Alternating (also known as the money diet) is a strategy employed to save money. It is the most efficient way of feeding a character, no matter what level it is used for. The most economical way of using this plan involves eating one corn on days when the avatar is "fit". (One bag of corn provides 1 hunger point). However, the player may choose any food that has one hunger point. When a character is "exhausted", the avatar must eat 2 hunger points worth of food. (This is most often one loaf of bread, as a loaf provides 2 hunger points and is very affordable).

All alternating plans revolve around maximizing return on the food investment. Other plan types include a stat food within the cycle. The frequency is dependent upon personal economy and need of stat increase to level up or professional development.

This is the opposite of turbo statting.


To use this method, click on "My Home". Then above your statistics you will see your character's energy level. If it says "Condition : exhausted", then you need 2 hunger points (HP). If your character says "Condition : fit", then you only need to eat 1 hunger point (HP) for the day. The indicator will still say "You're hungry". However, this method will keep your character happy and healthy. There is no danger of losing your stat points or becoming skinny when this method is used correctly.


Fit? Eat 1 HP. Exhausted? Eat 2 HP.

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