Almogrief Robertus-Britannicus
—  Bristol resident  —
Almogrief Robertus-Britannicus
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Sir Almogrief Robertus-Britannicus, Baronet and Lord of Chard and Viscount of Bristol
Place of Residence (unknown), Bristol, Somerset
Affiliations none
In-game name Almogrief
Account created November 28, 2007
Forum name Almogrief

Sir Almogrief Robertus-Britannicus, Baronet and Lord of Chard and Viscount of Bristol was born in Chard, Somerset, England, on November 28, 1430. He currently lives in Bristol Castle with his fiancée Aefernum.


Knights of the Phoenix Edit

Rank: Seneschal

Almogrief joined the The Knights of the Phoenix in December 1455. He started by serving as Town Commander of Chard but as the reforms came he eventually ended up as commander of Alpha Company, Second Division. He slowly took more and more duties and is now second in command of the order, serving as the Seneschal under Grand Master AIsafe.

Somerset Armed Services Edit

Rank: Resigned

Almogrief joined SAS as one of the first places and he quickly got Lieutenant and commander of Chard SAS. He brought back order and activity to the Town's forces. After a long time the offer of getting Captain came and he accepted it. He served as Captain for two weeks until he was asked by Duke Lethion to prepare SAS to invade Sussex. This order wasn't approved by either the Parliament or the County Council. The Council found out and Almogrief got suspended while being under investigation. He was found innocent but never returned to his position, after the incident he resigned from SAS.

National English Army Edit

Rank: Resigned

Almogrief joined NEA as it got to it's legs and he got assigned Town Commander of Chard, but due to the lacking activity in NEA as a whole and the increasing duties in KoP he chose to resign.

Politics Edit

Almogrief served on the Town Council of Chard for 15 terms as Cheif of Police most of the time. He has also been on the County Council of Somerset for seven terms . He has served as Captain, Constable and Mines Superintendant.

Royal Embassy Edit

Almogrief later on joined the Royal Embassy to get ambassador to the Kalmar Union but soon also becamse Royal Ambassador to the Kingdom of France and the Kingdom of Scotland.

The Family Edit

Almogrief's family grew a lot through adoptions and so on and currently comprises of:

Lady Anne Robertus-Britannicus(NPC) Sparhawk21 Robertus-Britannicus Lady Amathystzoe Robertus-Britannicus

Sir Almogrief Robertus-Britannicus, Baronet and Lord of Chard and Viscount of Bristol

The Honourable Petur Robertus-Britannicus The Honourable Mario_Vespucci Robertus-Britannicus Lady Rose Robertus-Britannicus(NPC)

James_ Robertus-Britannicus Grimgor99 Robertus-Britannicus

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