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is the former 2 time duchess of Ayr. She was born in Dumfries, Galloway. She moved to Ayr, Ayr to be near her mother (Ariani) and rest of her family, the Clan Montgomery. She is a wheat farmer, a baker, student of government and military ways, and the current Mayor of Ayr. She was a soldier in the Battle of Muirkirk as well as the Battle of Girvan. Allora's husband's name is BrentonDagon they have two daughters Aislyn (now deceased) and Siereneige.

In Feb of 1458, Allora moved most of her family to Dartmouth, Cornwall in England. Moving to escape the encreasing hostility of politics in Scotland and the near constant warring between Ayr County and Fury.

After living for awhile in Dartmouth Allora needed to find something to do to keep her busy. She has served several terms as mayor of Dartmouth as well as being a seat filler for the United England political group. Not long after the move to Dartmouth Allora and Brenton lost their daughter Siereneige.

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