Alistair243 was born on the 22nd of November 1456 in the town of Kirkcudbright, in which he still resides in to this day. Finding his Campbell family he joined their ranks and embarked on many military campaigns with his brethren, and being mortally wounded on three occasions. He has served on the county council many times, and has achieved many other accomplishments to date.

Ex-RSA Kirkcudbright Band leader
Ex-RSA, Member for a very long time 1+ Year
Ex-RSA Sergeant
Clan Campbell
Four time County Council Member
Ex-Kirkcudbright Chief Mentor
Ex-Kirkcudbright Town Council Member
Founder of the Kirkcudbright Militia
Member of the Kirk Beard Club
Founder and writer of The Disreputable Scoop

Battles: First Battle of Muirkirk
Siege of Whithorn
Battle of Girvan
Border skirmish at Carlisle
Battle of the Border
Battle of Largs

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