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Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Baronet of Egremont
Place of Residence 1 Kingsway, Egremont, Westmorland
Affiliations Winslow Family, RHA
In-game name Aliesse
Account created 29 March 2010
Forum name Aliesse

A tall, slim young woman, Aliesse has clear grey eyes and an infectious laugh. She wears clothing of decent quality, as suits her current standing as a craftswoman and scholar of medicine. 

From 2 years of age, Aliesse was raised and educated in Armathwaite Priory - a poor nunnery near to Carlisle. There, she learned healing, reading, and writing, and developed a curiosity of the world beyond the priory walls. When she was 10, Aliesse's unknown benefactor ceased paying her education and keeping fees. The Prioress offered Aliesse the chance to join the order, or to leave the safety of the nunnery. Aliesse refused the veil, instead choosing to make her own way. 

She settled in Egremont to make a living, working to afford a field, to learn a trade, and establish her own place. Aliesse also spent several years learning further healing-techniques under the tutelage of Mother Motte, a wise-woman on the outskirts of Egremont (i.e. in retreat). Aliesse soon reached the limits of Mother Motte's teaching, and her curiosity for new knowledge, and desire to make a mark on the world led Aliesse to continue further study of medicine. 

Yet at 19, she finds herself with more and more questions about her family, and history - where, and to whom did she once belong? She knows someone thought kindly of her for sometime, as her education fees were paid to Armathwaite for eight years. She is now travelling the country rediscover her lost family, of whom she has little memory.

Current Positions Edit

  • Council of Westmorland, Trade Minister
  • College of Heraldry, Probationary Herald
  • University of Westmorland, Teacher of Medicine
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