Hooded woman portrait by walbyent-d2t3iw8

Alexxius, Queen of Thieves

Known as the 'Queen Of Thieves' Alexxius has the reputation for quick fingers and fast thinking. At a young age her mother died after being beaten by the landlord. Refusing to work as a street walker or in the brothels she became a thief. Her only living uncle Rilden "Cutty" Mandrose, a fence in the docks helped her cultivate her skills.

At the age of twenty she fell into a competitive nature with another thief, a man who also had great training. Their fiery rivalry and suspicion grew into deep love. This wouldn't last long when she was captured and jailed. Her husband broke in and got her out, but not before she was beaten badly. He nursed her back to health but she realized the danger she put him in by being with him. A few months after recovering she found out she was with child. Knowing that the world of thieves was not one for a child and would further endanger her husband who had a reputation himself she fled. Assistance came in an unexpected place when she met her birth father (who ironically fostered her love as a child) helped her onto a ship. Things turned bleak when she lost the child during the journey, leaving her scarred and alone.

Finally she traveled to Mercia, shaking off her past and looking to again find herself in the cobblestone streets, and narrow alleyways. Father: Artemus Mother: Eathi Uncle: Rilden "Cutty" Mandrose-Merlec Husband: Erik (Deceased??) Child: Emaleth (Deceased)

Happily joined the Merlec Family as the cousin from Wales. I live in number 49 Ford Lane

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