Alexandre Le Juste is a younger member of NNGO

Born in the italian Lodi town, the far 11th february 1457, came to Chill Chanoi when the new irsh colonies opened to travellers.

He levelled quite late, for a cute player he is ^___*

From the last 5th december 1457 he entered in the NNGO army,

After his few combats with a stronger staff , managed to use a wonderful sword.

I fought in the southern Irish campaign, under the General Donnor's command, where he died;

24-12-2009 04:12 : Garik hit you with his sword. You have died in combat. 24-12-2009 04:12 : You started the fight with the army "Dana's Fury" lead by Borisinborough

Nowadays is a crew of the NNGO' navy , and moved to Ardenscaple, a nice scottish city

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