Air belongs to a long lineage of the Weiland nobility. The Weilands' have been long known for their unmatched ferocity in battles some say that they carry the blood of the Brenin and the Cicatri in them, making them the perfect mercenaries to be hired by any ruler.

Weiland Code of Arms

Background Information Edit

Air grew-up in a town of mercenaries given by the ruler of Hessen in gratitude for their service of fighting against the Ottoman empire in Poland. The promise of protection was in the end not held, the new ruler of Hessen became too boastful of himself and decided to eliminate any possible threat to his throne, and that included the mercenary town. Air remembered being tucked in by his mother when the town was attacked & when it was all over the town lay in runes and dead lay everywhere. All mercenaries decided it would be best for all of them to go their own way and have hopes of meeting one another in a place where they may lay down their weapons and grow a family that doesn't need to see the sights of battle. The code of separation applied to all, old and young, including Air himself. At age seven he faced the world by himself. Air made a new home in Köln and married a mercenary named Melanie, there he worked as an escort for noble families for seven years until he came back to his new home one day to find his family dead. Filled with sorrow and guilt Air made his way into England in search of a better home. He now tries to get known to the public in hopes of finding fellow mercenaries to rebuild the army of mercenaries & hopefully to find a healing to his broken heart.

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