—  Drummore resident  —
Aimili ie Tara Love
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Trouble brings experience, and experience brings wisdom.
Full title Lady Aimili, Lady of Drummore
Place of Residence (unknown), Drummore, Galloway
Affiliations See below.
In-game name Aimili
Account created March 22, 2008
Forum name Aimili

Aimili is a Drummore resident. She has brown hair and brown eyes.


She was born in Lanark, Scotland, but was drawn to Galloway and moved to Drummore for it's friendly fishing town ambiance. She loves to feel the sea air blow through her hair. She still loves to visit her friends in Lanark, but will stay in Drummore for a while. She has befriended the locals and those who visit Drummore often.

Family and Dating StatusEdit

She is a vibrant and fun single young woman.

Political CareerEdit

Aimili is currently the Chief Mentor in Drummore, Scotland. She is often found in her tavern whiling the time away meeting new people in town or just having a drunk with her friends.


Aimili belongs to no clans or groups.

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