The English-French War as it is commonly called, historically proper to be the First English French War/1st English-French War, is a major piece of Renaissance Kingdoms history.

During a time prior to the formation of the Kingdom of Scotland or Kingdom of Ireland, the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of France were major rivals in the area. They both had centralized administrations under absolute monarchy. Colonies existed between England and France, with trading and interactions commonplace before the conflict.

A major conflict of interest regarding power, influence, wealth, and authority in the area led to a declaration of war between the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of France, resulting in huge calls to arms on all sides.

Each county in England and France summoned their ducal armies which assembled from town to town and organized into large armies led by Lords. These armies clashed in France and England between each other. The organization of the Royal armies on both sides were done feudally but efficiently, with the orders being handed from Royal Government to Ducal Government to Mayoral Government on both sides.

The English-French War remains in history as one of the most grand and magnificent mobilizations in the Renaissance Kingdoms war. Although a piece of the past, it influences some foriegn policy and attitudes culturally and militarily in the region between the Kingdom of France and Kingdom of England and the midlaying territories of the Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdom of Ireland, and Grand Duchy of Brittany to this day.

(This war never actually took place in the game. Please don't use other player's names without their permission when inventing histories within the game.)

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