The *HIPS* Party, or Highlanders in Pink, are a political party of Glasgow City led by Benfeniks and his supporters in Glasgow City. They are known to constantly revolt against royal authority, under former King Rothar, or to fight the Montemayor family. They normally declare independence of Glasgow City, and are known to be sympathizers of the Fury.

Known to tax highly and fight off or revolt against any outside force, whether ducal, royal, or foriegner, they claim to be pro-Scottish and often deny or lightly suggest to their Fury affiliation. They strongly oppose English influence, rule by a King or any authority from the County of Galloway.

Their government program includes favor to the absentee king regime of William Kerr, the absentee King of Scots, or lack of a king thereof. Their anarchist behavior nationally backs their sectionalist feelings, wanting independence, and their favorability of running political machines in their own territories with heavy reliance on militia and high government interference in the economy. Their involvement with these groups as well as the Celtic Alliance will put them at odds not only with their long-standing enemy the Montemayor, but will also pit them in the new war against the Kingdom of England.

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