Also known as the Salisbury Peoples Movement, HIPS was set up in April 1457, initially to help serve Salisbury and the County of Wiltshire.

The FoundersEdit

What do we doEdit

The basis of our movement is that everything starts with the people. People are here to live their lives as they choose AND to help each other. Towns are here to serve the People, County is here to serve the people and the Towns and the Country is here to serve the Counties, the towns and the People.

Not the other way around!

This means we believe the people have the right, no the obligation to be involved and concerned. We elect the mayor, we elect the council and by our mandate the councils choose the regent.

With great power comes great responsibility. We, the people, are responsible for organizing our own town and for organizing our own county. We are responsible for supporting our town and county. We do what we can and demand accountability of the actions of Town and County.

HIPS - What does it stand forEdit

  • Humanity: People come first, they control their own destiny.
  • Integrity: We fight for the wholeness of England, Wiltshire and Salisbury. Good governance is the essence of the state.
  • Prosperity: The pursuit of profit is the right of every individual, within the bounds of our laws. Towns and County help the people achieve prosperity.
  • Society: Town and County are here to serve the people. In return the people help them. We are in this together!
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