Spinozism follows the teachings of Benedict de Spinoza (1633-1677) a Dutch philosopher of Portuguese Jewish origins.

Spinozism is the pantheistic philosophical system of Baruch Spinoza which defines "God" as a singular self-subsistent substance, and both matter and thought as attributes of such. Spinoza claimed that the third kind of knowledge, intuition, is the highest kind attainable.

In Spinozism, the concept of a personal relationship with God comes from the position that one is a part of an infinite interdependent "organism". Spinoza taught that everything is but a wave in an endless ocean, and that what happens to one wave will affect other waves. Thus Spinozism teaches a form of karma and supports this as a basis for morality.

Additionally, a core doctrine of Spinozism is that the universe is essentially deterministic. All that happens or will happen could not have unfolded in any other way. Spinozism is closely related to the Hindu doctrines of Samkhya and Yoga.

Spinoza's doctrine was considered radical at the time he published and he was widely seen as the most infamous atheist-heretic of Europe. His philosophy was part of the philosophic debate in Europe during the Enlightenment.

Renaissance Kingdoms Spinozism Edit

There's three major branches; French Spinozist Thinkers, German Speaking Spinozist and the The Union of Spinozist Communities. Apart from them there is also an Hispanic community of Spinozists that is still nowadays striving to create a space of tolerance in SOuther Europe. The religion is still being constructed for RK uses and each branch accepts different concepts. However, there is a constant strive by the branches to be united under the same ideals.

Their main text of study is the Yetkotem, which is made up of 5 books. One of the incorporated Judaism beliefs is that the Messiah, whom they call Spinoza, after the RL founder of the philosophy, is yet to come contrary to the Aristotelian beliefs that the Messiah, whom they call Christos, has come. They believe that Spinoza will come guide and create understanding of Hashem, their version of God, while teaching not just them, but the world to reach out to nature.

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